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I’ve been writing about Mac and iOS software for several years. It was a side-gig at first, but at the beginning of 2011 I began writing about Apple software as my full-time job. Over the years I’ve compiled a huge back catalog of reviews that are, for the most part, still relevant. But since they are posted to my weblog amongst a waterfall of reverse-chronological posts, the old-but-relevant articles are now buried under the new.

The Sweet Setup exists because I wanted a site that highlights the software that has proven to be the best, not necessarily the newest. […] We enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, test, and find the very best apps.

Shawn Blanc, The Sweet Setup

The Sweet Setup gör ingen hemlighet av att de försöker positionera sig som apparnas The Wirecutter, och utifrån kvaliteten på artiklarna som de har publicerat (och namnen på personerna som har skrivit dem) tror jag att de har goda chanser att lyckas.

Deras grundliga genomgång av App Stores bästa väderappar, skriven av Ben Brooks, är ett bra ställe att börja på.