The Pandemic Redesign

I usually find a plausible excuse for why I redesign my site once per year or so, but not this time. It’s spring 2021, the pandemic is keeping me cooped up in my studio apartment and making me bored out of my mind, so it seemed like a good way to spend a couple of the days standing between me and the vaccine. That’s all.

The new design is at the same time very similar and very different from the old one. It’s still mostly monochrome, text is still set in Söhne by Klim Type Foundry, and images and JavaScript are still used sparingly to keep that Google Pagespeed Insights score in check. The differences are mostly in the layout.

The old design was created on a 15” MacBook Pro display, and didn’t really use the real estate on screens larger than that. The new design was created on a 27” external display, and built to stretch its legs when there’s room for it. I often find myself hitting ⌘+ a bunch of times when reading on my external display, so I decided to make my new design pre-⌘+-ified. This is done in part by using the REM unit throughout in the CSS, and scaling the html element font size with the vw viewport unit above a certain threshold.

…and now I need a new project.