Easy to use

Getting up and running with Oaknut is simple. Activate the theme and adjust the front page content in the Site Editor, and you're good to go.

Built-in designs

Oaknut includes 23 style variations to choose from – all with different font and color combinations that give your site a unique personality.

Fonts for days

Whether you're looking for a clean sans serif, an elegant serif or quirky handwriting, the 14 fonts included in Oaknut have got you covered.

Block styles

Oaknut also comes with 8 different button styles and 5 different social link styles, helping you add a touch of personality to your outgoing links and social network icons.

Cutting-edge features

Oaknut makes use of many of the features introduced in WordPress 6.1. These include fluid typography, spacing sizes, root padding aware elements, and much more.

Slim and fast

These features allow Oaknut to include less than 150 lines of CSS and no JavaScript at all. Combine that with the locally hosted variable fonts, and your profile page will load in no time.



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