An Archive for Your Posts

McLuhan displays all of your posts on a single page, with one section per year. It’s a simple and compact way to keep all of your posts in a single location.

Add a Dash of Color

If the default black look of McLuhan doesn’t strike your fancy, you can change it to whatever combination of sidebar background and body background color you want. Want an 1980's vibe? Go nuts.

Social Menu

McLuhan also allows you to set a social menu in the sidebar and mobile menu that links to your presence on social media. Social icons are selected automatically based on the URL you enter.

AJAX Powered Search

McLuhans mobile menu features a search form that uses the magic of AJAX to display instant results for search queries.

Fully Responsive

McLuhan is fully responsive, and scales gracefully from a 27” iMac all the way down to the smallest mobile phone. Assets in vector format ensures that it looks sharp on retina screens.

Gutenberg Support

McLuhan includes full support and editor styles for the new Gutenberg editor, as well as full support for the Classic Editor.



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