Screenshot of the Björk WordPress theme

Clean Design

Björk has a crisp and clean design that stands up to scrutiny, but mostly takes a back seat to your content. It’s designed with blogs in mind, but can be used for any type of website.

Full Site Editing

Björk is built for WordPress 6.0 and Full Site Editing, so you can change the structure of your header, footer, and all other parts of the theme in the new Site Editor.

Global Styles

Björk also supports Global Styles, which allow you to modify the colors, type and spacing of your site. Not a fan of sans-serifs set on white? Change it to a serif on black, or pretty much anything else.

Style Variations

You can also test one of the seven prebuilt theme styles included in Björk. Select one in the Global Styles panel to change the color scheme and typography of your site with a single click.

Block Patterns

Getting started with Full Site Editing can be daunting. Björk makes it easier by including over 15 block patterns that you can use to quickly create unique page layouts.

Slim and Fast

Björk is built to load as quickly as possible, with only 9 K of CSS and no JavaScript at all.



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