Martin Scorcese om varför han gjorde The Wolf of Wall Street →

Scott Feinberg intervjuar Martin Scorcese för The Hollywood Reporter:

With Wolf, you’re focused on a different sort of crime — white collar rather than street — but it’s crime nonetheless. So I wonder, if you were to psychoanalyze yourself, in a way, why is crime a subject that you find yourself coming back to?

In many cases — not all — the pursuit of reinventing yourself in America is just something that “a confidence man” [like Wolf’s Jordan Belfort] embraces. A confidence man takes your trust, takes your confidence and betrays you. And this is on all levels, whether it’s low-level street crime, a white-collar crime and even a crime in religious organizations. This is something that’s not going to go away if you don’t talk about it.

Intervjun behandlar också vad Martin Scorcese vill uppnå med resten av hans karriär då det, som han själv uttrycker det, “inte finns mycket tid kvar”.