Dagen då Google tvingades börja om med Android

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Ett utdrag ur Fred Vogelsteins bok Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution, publicerat i The Atlantic:

On the day Jobs announced the iPhone, the director of the Android team, Andy Rubin, was six hundred miles away in Las Vegas, on his way to a meeting with one of the myriad handset makers and carriers that descend on the city for the Consumer Electronics Show. He reacted exactly as DeSalvo predicted. Rubin was so astonished by what Jobs was unveiling that, on his way to a meeting, he had his driver pull over so that he could finish watching the webcast.

“Holy crap,” he said to one of his colleagues in the car. “I guess we’re not going to ship that phone.”

Intressant läsning om hur Android såg ut innan Apple tillkännagav iPhone. Dogfight finns på Adlibris om man vill veta mer.