Vox Medias Plans for the Future

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Carmel Deamicis for PandoDaily:

Lacy then asked him where he thought Vox [Media] fit in, between the Huffington Posts and Business Insiders on one hand, obviously going for mass, and the Vices on the other, going for high quality.

“You have quality on one end, and you have scale on the other end. You’re saying there’s no one in the top box of quality at scale. I’m saying that’s the box that we want to occupy and that we’re well on our way to occupying.”

Vox Media is the company behind two of my favorite websites, the tech site The Verge and the gaming site Polygon. Vox Media is also one of exceedingly few internet focused media companies that aren’t engaging in the race to the bottom. Deamicis article gives interesting insight into their plans for the next few years.