Have Coffee With a Smile at Our Friendly Cafés

You’re welcome at…
Mon-Fri07 – 18
Saturday08 – 19
Sunday08 – 19

Our Locations

Hammarby Kaj 10

Our Details

Hammarby Kaj 10
120 32 Stockholm

08-123 45 67

Our Hours

07 – 18

08 – 19

Odengatan 80

Our Details

Odengatan 80
113 22 Stockholm

08-123 45 67

Our Hours

07 – 18

08 – 19

“Niofika Café serves the best coffee in Stockholm. It’s not even close.”

Coffee Snob

“Niofika Café serves the best coffee in Stockholm. It’s not even close.”

Coffee Snob

“Niofika Café serves the best coffee in Stockholm. It’s not even close.”

Coffee Snob

Be Our Guest!

Our Menu

Allergies? Talk to our staff! They’ll help you navigate the menu.

Espresso — Double30
Pour Over30
Hot Chocolate30
Marcona Almonds
The queen of almonds
Oil, citrus, salt
Pelotin, Gordal, Manzanilla
A Bit of Meat
Daily special
A Bit of Cheese
Daily special
Bam Bam
Fried potato, pickled potato, leche de tigre nikke, caviar
Steak Tartare
Egg creme, chimichurriemulsion, onion, cress, potato crunch
Ceviche on trout, chili, onion, coriander, avocado, leche de tigre
Butter emulsion, cheese

Comfort in a Cup

Feeling a bit down about summer ending? Our Pumpkin Spice Latte will help you get excited for the season of the witch.

Hang on a second. Is this really a café?

No, not really. This is a demo site for the WordPress theme Tove, which is available as a free download on WordPress.org. Tove is a colorful theme built from the ground up for the Full Site Editing features which will be released with WordPress 5.9 in December 2021.

Niofika Café was used as a imaginary client for the theme while it was being built, so a lot of the built-in block patterns in Tove are geared towards cafés and restaurants. Menus, opening hours, directions, CTAs for reservations, and so on.

That doesn’t mean you have to use Tove for a café or restaurant site, of course. With the new Full Site Editing features in WordPress, you can easily adapt Tove for whatever type of site you want. For example, the new Site Editor will allow you to:

  • Change colors
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  • Just about anything, really

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? You can read more about Tove below, find more information about Full Site Editing on WP Tavern, or visit the Style Guide to take a look at some of the layouts in the theme.

Site Editor Options

Tove is all about the new Site Editor, which lets you change the layouts of all views and template areas on your site. That includes the header and footer, post archives, 404 page, and more.

Global Styles

It also supports the Global Styles feature in WordPress 5.9. In the Global Styles panel in the Site Editor, you can change the colors in the theme, adjust spacing, tweak typography, and so on.

40+ Block Patterns

Tove makes it easy to get started by including over 40 different block patterns. That includes six different header designs and seven footer designs. More patterns will be added over time.

Block Styles

Tove includes custom block styles that help give the theme a unique and quirky personality, like the shaded style seen above. It can be applied to many of the default blocks in WordPress.

How to Get It

Tove is available as a free download on the WordPress.org Theme Directory. You can also install it directly from your site by going to Themes → Add New. Tove requires WordPress 5.9 or the Gutenberg plugin (v11.5 or later).


Tove was built to support the Full Site Editing features in WordPress 5.9, which is coming in December. It doesn’t have backwards compatibility with older versions of WordPress. If you want to use Tove right now, you need to have the Gutenberg plugin active on your site (v11.5 or later).

Going all-in on Full Site Editing features has allowed Tove to stay slim. Really slim. The theme mostly consists of stylesheets and block patterns. The total footprint of Tove is just about 200 KB, the majority of which is the theme screenshot and placeholder assets. It contains no JavaScript and loads no images on the front-end of your site.

Tove has been kept as simple and small as possible in order to allow it to work as a starting point for future Full Site Editing WordPress themes, for myself and for others.

Who is Tove?

Tove is named after Tove Jansson (1914—2001), the Finnish author, illustrator and painter. She’s most famous for the wonderful Moomin children’s books, which have been translated to dozens of languages and adapted into movies, TV series and comics. She was also a all-around very cool person.

Tove is designed and developed by Anders Norén. You can read more about it on my site, and download it from WordPress.org or install it directly through Themes → Add New on your WordPress site. You can find the rest of my free WordPress themes here.

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