About McLuhan

The Canadian intellectual Marshall McLuhan coined the famous phrase “the medium is the message”, and made some pretty significant contributions to the field of media theory to go along with it. McLuhan, the WordPress theme named after him, is meant to be as subtle of a medium as possible for your content.

McLuhan is a clean, simple and lightweight WordPress theme, featuring a front page with a complete post archive arranged by year rather than a traditional blog flow. It also sports fully customizable background colors for the sidebar and content, responsive design, social network links with icons, an AJAX-powered mobile search with instant results, a resume page template and a full-width template.

McLuhan can be downloaded for free from WordPress.org, or installed through the Themes section of your WordPress administration panel.

McLuhan is built by Anders Norén. You can find the rest of my free themes here. If you want to support my work, consider making a PayPal donation.

Features in McLuhan

An Archive for Your Posts

McLuhan displays all of your posts on a single page, divided by year. It’s a simple and compact way to keep all of your posts in a single location.

Add a Dash of Color

If the default black look of McLuhan doesn’t strike your fancy, you can change it to whatever combination of sidebar background and body background color you want.

Social Menu

It also allows you to set a social menu in the sidebar and mobile menu that links to your presence on social media, displayed with the icons of the social networks you add.

AJAX Powered Search

The mobile menu of McLuhan includes a search field that uses AJAX to display instant results for the search queries your visitors input.

Fully Responsive

McLuhan is also fully responsive, and scales gracefully from a 27” iMac all the way down to the smallest mobile phone. Assets in vector format ensures that it looks sharp on retina screens.