Build it with Blocks

Chaplin is a flexible WordPress theme with deep support for the new block editor and complete settings for fonts and colors.

Block Editor Support

Chaplin is built from the ground-up with the new WordPress Block Editor in mind. Creating intricate, good looking layouts with multiple columns, media and text is fast and easy.

Fonts and Colors

All fonts and colors in Chaplin can be changed in the WordPress Customizer, which makes it easy to give your website a unique look and feel. Chaplin supports all fonts on Google Fonts.

Editor Styles

Any changes you make to the fonts and colors in Chaplin are also reflected in the Block Editor and Classic Editor, so you always get a good idea of the end result when creating content.

Infinite Scroll

Chaplin features built-in infinite scroll, and lets you choose whether to load more posts when a button is clicked or when the visitor has scrolled to the bottom of the page.

Post Meta Settings

Chaplin includes settings for what post meta to display on archive pages and on single posts. Simply select the meta you want to display in the Customizer, hit save, and you’re done.


Chaplin also includes logo support, widget support, a social menu with icons, sticky header support, a search overlay, responsive design, a lightweight codebase, and much more.

Two examples of the kinds of sites that can be created when combining the WordPress Block Editor with the customization options in Chaplin.

Make it Yours

Chaplin includes easy-to-use controls for modifying all fonts and colors on your site. It can be customized to whatever look and feel you want, whether you’re using it on a personal site, a straight-laced business site or the website of a trendy café.

Editor Styles

Any changes you make to the fonts and colors in Chaplin are also reflected in the editor styles for both the Block Editor and the Classic Editor. You always get an accurate preview of the final result.

Chaplin is completely free to download, use and modify. It’s available on the Theme Directory.