Hemingway, Meet Gutenberg

Hemingway is now the first of my themes to feature support for the upcoming post editor in WordPress: Gutenberg.

If you’re using Hemingway, the most popular of my free themes, and Gutenberg, the upcoming post editing experience in WordPress, things should look a bit different after you install the latest Hemingway update. Different for the better, hopefully. Version 1.66, which was released earlier today, makes Hemingway the first of my theme to feature support for Gutenberg.

The Gutenberg editor will now be styled to match the Hemingway front-end, with the same colors and fonts, and the Hemingway front-end has gained support for the new elements introduced in Gutenberg: cover images, full-width elements, pull quotes, and so on. If you haven’t made the jump to Gutenberg yet, everything should look and work exactly the same after you’ve installed v1.66.

Editing a Hemingway blockquote element in Gutenberg.

As for the rest of them…

One of the questions I’ve gotten most frequently the last couple of months is if and when my themes will get Gutenberg support. The answer to the first question is a definite yes. The answer to the second question is that all of them will have support by the time Gutenberg is released with WordPress 5.0. Hopefully with a bit of a margin, so that any kinks can be worked out in time.

Since Hemingway is the most popular of my themes, I thought it would make a good Gutenberg test balloon. If you’re using Hemingway with Gutenberg, please consider visiting this thread on the WordPress support forums and share your feedback. If you’re not using Gutenberg yet, you can give it a try by installing the beta plugin at Plugins → Add New in your WordPress administration panel. You can find more information about Gutenberg here.