Apples Failures →

Stephen Hackett:

While Macintosh hardware is considered some of the most reliable in the industry, the company has had some pretty epic failures in the past. We spoke about some of these a couple of weeks ago on The Prompt, but after doing some digging, I’ve tweaked and expanded the list.

This article isn’t comprehensive, and I’ve just ignored things like exploding iPod nanos and boring hardware failures. A couple are fairly modern, and a couple aren’t, but all of them are enough to make even the staunchest fanboy roll their eyes.

My very first Mac, a white MacBook (“WhiteBook”) from 2008, is one of the products that Hackett writes about. My WhiteBook didn’t have the heatsink issue, but when I replaced it in 2011, it was more yellow than white and barely had any plastic left on the palmrests.

It’s still fully functional, though. Not bad for a six year old consumer level laptop.