10000000 is updated with widescreen support

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Jared Nelson for Touch Arcade:

One of 2012’s absolute best iOS releases, Luca Redwood’s 10000000 has just been given a much needed update adding widescreen support (yay!), Game Center achievements and new Ace Levels.

If you missed it previously, 10000000 is a matching game with built-in combat and RPG mechanics, not totally unlike Puzzle Quest or Dungeon Raid. The hook here is that you’re constantly under a time constraint, so you need to be making the right kind of matches for whatever your current obstacle is (fighting an enemy, unlocking a door, etc.) with the clock ticking down in your face.

If you somehow managed to miss the most addictive iOS game of 2012 two years ago, it’s high time to jump aboard. The price has been reduced to $1 for a limited time, so get to it.